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Waste Away understands the need to be socially and environmentally responsible with waste removal and disposal. We are committed to minimizing the waste that we haul to the landfill. All of the waste that we remove is sorted for recycling. At Waste Away, we recycle anything that we can including cardboard, e-waste (electronics, wiring…), TV’s, Mattresses, and steel. We haul everything and identify what can and can’t be recycled.

Our recycling efforts result in:

  • 500 lbs of paper per week
  • An average of 1500lbs of steel per week
  • At least 30 TV’s per week

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Recycling Facts

Gallons of water were saved from recycling 24000 lbs of paper.
% Pounds of coal saved by recycling 18000 lbs of steel annually.
less pounds of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by recycling 520 TVs annually.
trees saved every year from recycling 24000 lbs of paper and cardboard.

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